TUI ConsoleLauncher basically transforms your Android into a terminal window, requiring you to type out commands to start apps and explore your phone’s system as opposed to the familiar process of tapping on icons. It’s a great way to practice or learn about Linux commands, and it has the added benefit of securing your phone against unwanted access.


-- 不允许别人用exit命令退出
alias add exit=echo "No"
-- 定制化界面,取消不必要元素
config -set show_session_info false
config -set show_storage_info false
config -set show_device_name false
config -set show_ram false
config -set show_network_info false
-- 优化
config -set time_size 20 --调大时间字体
config -set system_wallpaper true --显示系统壁纸
config -set fullscreen true
config -set enable_music true
-- 记日志/备忘录
note -add 明早九点加班